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THE JACKIE FOX experience

Joyful. Relaxed. Simply Amazing. It’s how you’ll feel on your wedding day. And, how your photos should look. Great photography is about more than lighting and composition. It’s about trusting and connecting with the person behind the lens. After nearly a decade of shooting hundreds of weddings and countless portrait sessions, I’ve mastered the art of both.

For more on the Jackie Fox Photography experience, consider these reviews:

"Jackie's photos are breathtaking, award winning & magazine worthy!"

"Jackie felt like a member of the family; she was so loving and engaged in the event and her photos are breathtaking, award winning & magazine worthy! We were all thrilled with her photos and her energy and her presence. As she had tears in her eyes during the ceremony, I am not sure how she was able to take such stunning photos."


"You're not just another client to Jackie."

"You know that feeling when you meet someone, and you suddenly feel as though you've known them forever? You feel comfortable, they make you laugh, conversation flows - like they've been a friend since childhood. That's what you'll get with Jackie. You're not just another client to her." 


"The best decision I've ever made."

"The best decision I’ve ever made. Ok, the second best. Marrying my husband was the best decision I’ve ever made, and hiring Jackie was the second best.”


"I didn't have to worry about a single thing!"

"She was able to be incredibly patient while also assertive; she had everything handled and organized. I didn't have to worry about a thing. This was true for the rest of the day."


Frequently asked questions

have you photographed a wedding at our venue?

Having photographed hundreds of weddings, I know many venues throughout New England and beyond. Preparation is vital to the success of any celebration, and whether I’ve shot on a property or not, rest assured that my team and I will scout ideal photo locations, typically within the week prior to your event. Getting acquainted (or re-acquainted) with your venue is a crucial component of my workflow.

what is your pricing?

Because each celebration is unique, quotes are customized to account for variables like the days and scope of coverage needed. As a point of reference, Signature Full Day coverage begins at $17,500. For a complete, custom estimate please reach out to me.

We are Hosting a Destination Event. What Are Your Travel Fees? 

I love traveling for my clients! Travel fees vary widely according to the destination – it’s yet another reason for custom quotes. I’d love to revel in wanderlust with you, learn about your destination plans, and put together a quote that fits your needs.

I Have Special Requests for Certain Photos; Do You Need a List?

Knowledge is power; tell us about special guests, planned surprises, or specific photos requests prior to your celebration, and we’ll be sure to include them. Because I am experienced and thorough in photographing every detail of your day, a formal “Shot List” is not necessary.

What Equipment Do You (And Your 2nd Shooter) Use? 

Our bags are filled with top-shelf cameras, lenses, and lights. We love the look of real film and use a Contax 645 Medium Format System as well as the Canon 1V 35mm System. To complement those, we also shoot with multiple digital systems including the Canon R5 and Fuji GFX 50R Medium Format Digital System. And, we carry back-up equipment in case of breakage.

Do you Shoot Film, Digital, or Both?

We are true hybrid photographers, meaning we shoot whichever medium best suits the lighting and the scenario. Film will be used predominantly during daylight hours (along with digital redundancies for added insurance!). And, a mix of film and digital will be used for your nighttime photographs.

My Partner Hates Having Photos Taken. Can You Help?

My team and I know how to put even the most photo-resistant people at ease in front of the camera. (Read our testimonials on this subject!) We’ll create a comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere so you and your beloved can relish every moment of the day.

What’s the Wait Time for Our Photos After the Event? 

Beautiful things come to those who wait, but no one really wants to wait that long! I understand. Signature wedding collections are typically delivered within 6-8 weeks; portrait commissions take about 4 weeks. Of course, there may be a few sneak peeks along the way….

How Do We Secure Your Services?

Once we’ve settled on your coverage needs, I will draw up an electronic contract. Please return the signed contract and 50% retainer within 5 business days to secure your date. The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your wedding date.

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