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love actually is all around

Whether you’re getting married in your grandparents’ backyard or flying to an exotic destination, whether you’re surrounded by twenty members of your immediate family or two hundred guests in a formal ballroom, love will be all around you. With over a decade of experience shooting hundreds of different weddings, I’ve learned the art of delivering a beautiful collection of wedding photographs that document every facet of that outpouring of love and emotion. My photography is anchored by a proven workflow, strong professional standards, and an unwavering commitment to earning my clients’ trust and exceeding their expectations.


"Jackie and her team were like magicians!"

"Jackie and her team were like magicians. They would somehow be 12 places at once taking pictures of every detail and every moment." 



love is ... being together

The secret to successful engagement portraits is showing a couple in a relaxed, natural, and loving state. Wondering how one makes a camera-shy fiancé forget the photographer is even there? It’s one of my superpowers. (But shh….don’t tell my kids - they think my superpower is ‘seeing’ what they do even when my back is turned.) Location, gentle direction, movement suggestions (no posing!), and humor help, too. Years from now, you’ll cherish these portraits just as dearly as the photos taken on your big day.


"She came highly recommended!"

"She came highly recommended from our planner and after just our first few email exchanges, I felt like I had known her forever." 

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love anytime, anywhere

The world looks different these days, but love hasn’t changed. It’s the story of you – a story of two. Looking to wed sans the huge guest list, seating charts, and fanfare? Intimate ceremonies can be every bit as beautiful and emotion-filled as large-scale celebrations. With elopement coverage beginning at $6,800, any day is a good day for an incredible elopement adventure and the publication-worthy photos to announce it to the world.


"Jackie is so warm and inviting!"

"Jackie is so warm and inviting; you can not help but smile every minute you are with her. Her work is captivating!" 

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the beauty of film

fox's thoughts

Slow dance. Slow food. Slow living. A wedding day is filled with an abundance of love and beauty, and you’ll want to slow it down and savor every moment. By its very nature, real medium format film forces the photographer to slow down. And in those extra seconds of slowness, beauty and emotion that might otherwise go undetected are captured forever. Sure, it takes skill and experience to get film right. Fortunately, I have both so you can enjoy the uniquely beautiful and timeless heirloom quality of film photography in addition to full digital coverage of your celebration.


"You know that feeling when you meet someone, and you suddenly feel as though you've known them forever? "

"You feel comfortable, they make you laugh, conversation flows - like they've been a friend since childhood. That's what you'll get with Jackie. You're not just another client to her." 


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telling your story

Your wedding day will be one of the most cinematic days of your life. Before breaking out the film (and the digital cameras), I spend weeks, if not months, working with planners, vendors, the wedding couple, and my internal team to understand every detail – from your ‘cute meet’ to the wardrobe to the location of each shot. This level preparation is what enables me to capture the dreamy, romantic imagery that will tell every moment of your wedding story.

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